How does a Managed Services Provider manage Agency Performance?

The type of Managed Services Model denotes the number of Agencies that the Provider regularly uses to supply temporary workers. Because of this, there are a number of different measures that should be in place to manage Agency performance.

In the case of a Neutral Vendor Managed Services Provider, such as Cohesion, there is a competitive Preferred Suppliers List that is used on a regular basis. This means that there need to be strict processes in place to ensure that all Agencies are performing as well as they should be.

The Preferred Suppliers List used by your Provider should consist of only the best agencies for supplying to the areas of your organisation, and this should be consistently maintained to ensure quality never falters.

Regular Audits & Reviews

All agencies are subject to regular audits and reviews of how well they’re performing – for example, if they’re consistently delivering low-quality talent, we need to know. This manages agency performance because they know it’s going to happen – so, they’re more inclined to perform at their best.

Also, all agencies who are not performing to the high standard that you and your Provider expect are immediately removed from the Preferred Suppliers List, and are unable to re-join at any point unless under exceptional circumstances.

Supplier Ability

All Agencies should be managed based upon their ability to supply high-quality candidates. High-quality candidates, according to our own definition, are candidates who are put forward for the role by the agency and, subsequently, receive an offer.

If an agency is unable to supply high-quality candidates for any role, they receive performance management measures. If their performance does not improve – they are removed from the PSL.

Candidate Compliance

Here at Cohesion, we manage all Agencies on our PSL by conducting a quarterly review of their compliance measures. Before becoming part of a Providers’ PSL – all Agencies should be assigned their own responsibilities for compliance. This means that they can be held accountable for any short-falls on their behalf, and managed accordingly.

By all agencies on the PSL being 100% compliant – you never have to worry about receiving candidates who do not meet compliance regulations. This not only reduces your risk of being held accountable, but also the risk of losing candidates and struggling to fill vacant hours.

Having a high-quality Preferred Suppliers List is paramount for your Managed Services Provider, because it directly impacts their performance. Having the above measures in place not only ensures that your Provider is able to provide you with a consistent stream of high-quality candidates, but that you can be secure in the knowledge that your vacant hours will get filled.